Generous Gift Will Name the Terian Family Alumnae Parlor
Juliana Curran Terian credits her commitment to giving back to her mother’s example of leadership, advocacy, and philanthropy. “Her strength has guided me throughout my life and propelled me to always advocate for myself and to be a lifelong learner,” says Ms. Terian. After studying architecture and design in college, Ms. Terian ran her own firm before joining her husband Peter in expanding Rallye Motor Company, a luxury auto dealership he founded in 1958. Since his passing in 2002, Ms. Terian has led the company as Chairman and CEO, a role she finds challenging, creative, complex, and inspiring.

When Ms. Terian and her husband began looking for a school for their daughter, Olivia, they knew she would thrive in an all-girls environment. Marymount “became the clear frontrunner” after their very first meeting with Concepcion Alvar. “As we toured the School, I could clearly see that the joyful girls and the dedicated faculty exhibited the values we cherished most: respect, character, personal integrity, faith, decency, and a strong moral compass,” she says. When Olivia entered Kindergarten the following year, Ms. Terian became actively involved with the School and eventually joined the Board of Trustees. It was there that she saw firsthand the importance of maintaining a robust foundation of capital to fund short- and long-term projects, as well as ongoing expenses.

As the School’s strategic plan took shape in 2008, it became clear that Marymount would need to expand its footprint to serve its growing student body and modernize its facilities. “Marymount has a well-deserved reputation for being on the cutting edge of educational technology and for developing a robust STEAM curriculum -- fields in which women have been historically underrepresented. This new campus will reflect the School’s intrepid and innovative spirit,” Ms. Terian explained.

Passionate about supporting institutions that help girls succeed and thrive, Ms. Terian decided to help Marymount realize its dreams by supporting the Campaign for Marymount: Building on a Tradition of Excellence. Her generous gift will name the Terian Family Alumnae Parlor in the new building at 115 East 97th Street. “With tall ceilings and large windows opening out to a roof garden, the Alumnae Parlor will be filled with daylight, creating a welcoming space for students and alumnae to connect with each other and with nature,” says architect Pam Campbell. “Whether it’s a morning coffee or an evening event, the room will provide a beautiful backdrop for a variety of programs and offer a home base for alumnae in the future of Marymount.”

“We are so grateful for Juliana’s leadership in supporting the Campaign for Marymount and for her generosity as a volunteer and donor to the School. Her gift has provided a strong foundation for our future home and will impact generations of Marymount girls,” said Headmistress Concepcion Alvar.

Said Ms. Terian of the importance of supporting girls’ education, “I can’t think of anything more important today than providing girls with a strong education; it’s the most sustainable investment we can make.”

To learn more about supporting the Campaign for Marymount: Building on a Tradition of Excellence, contact Cathy Callender, Director of Development, at 646-218-8111 or