Becoming a Part of Marymount's Enduring Legacy
Marymount is a very special place. We first learned about Marymount from friends whose daughters attended Marymount. They all had very positive experiences and hold the School in the highest regard. We enjoyed touring Marymount and experiencing firsthand the overwhelmingly positive energy and enthusiasm of the School. We were very impressed with Marymount then and are even more so now.  

There are so many admirable things about the School that make Marymount the right fit for our family. We are especially attracted to Marymount’s commitment to innovation and emphasis on science, technology, engineering, art, and math and the positive impact this emphasis can have on our daughter’s lifelong development and growth. Marymount’s teachers are top notch, and they genuinely care about our daughter. We like that Marymount offers an education for girls, STEAM-focused programs, international exchange opportunities, and a continuous path to college.  

We chose to make a gift to the Campaign for Marymount because we strongly support the need for state-of-the art educational facilities for Marymount to continue to provide an excellent education for our daughters. Our support for the Campaign for Marymount is a testament to how strongly we feel about world-class education and a successful future for all girls. We are deeply rooted in tradition and values and are proud to be part of Marymount’s ongoing legacy.

-- Jens Winther & Stephanie Perry, parents of Caroline ’30