An Inspired Architect
Following interviews with eleven firms, the Board of Trustees retained COOKFOX as the architects for Marymount's new building. Committed to being wise stewards of our shared natural resources, COOKFOX is dedicated to innovative, sustainable design. Some of their most notable projects include One Bryant Park, the Stephen Sondheim Theater, and the Ross Institute Center for Well-Being.

Rick Cook, founding partner of COOKFOX, is an award-winning architect who has been designing commercial, private, and public spaces for over 25 years. After an intensive study of our school, Rick and his team envisioned a building which maximizes space and light, provides a safe haven for our girls, and takes advantage of technology and malleable spaces for living and learning. Their design is inspired by our flagship campus on Fifth Avenue and honors our proximity to Central Park, our Catholic roots, and our warm, inviting atmosphere.
"At the heart of the Fifth Avenue mansions are the grand staircases that are inherent to how the school feels and functions. A series of curved staircases and landings designed for the new building are informed by the culture of the school, creating spaces for socializing, collaborating and informal learning, and continuing the sense of a busy home."  -- Rick Cook, Architect